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Breeyn McCarney

Breeyn McCarney

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The Client

Breeyn McCarney’s eponymous fashion label was founded in 2010 years ago, debuting at Rogue Fashion Week in March of that year. Since then, it has grown to be an editorial label that produces custom gowns. The clientele are women who want couture-fit gowns for weddings and special events. The pieces feature hand-beading, embroidery, leatherwork, hand-cut sequins and knitting. Breeyn works with her clients to create unique personalized designs that are still true to the label’s vision of feminine, fashion-forward clothing. Breeyn comes from a visual arts background, which definitely comes across in the embellishments on the gowns.

The Story

Building out was a very rewarding challenge. Her main request was something developers long to hear from clients, but rarely do…“simplify”. She wanted to remove a lot of the unnecessary adornment on her previous site but still retain the content and visual appeal of her brand.

It was no easy feat, I’ll be honest. The process went through several rounds of redesign and redevelopment, each time removing bits and pieces until we were finally left with a simple, clean looking site that still got across the quality of her work. Completed in 2012, this is still one of the sites I’m most proud of.

The original site was built in 2012 and a completely new rebranding of the label and rebuilding of the site was completed in 2017.

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